Original Music & Concepts by Bobby Blackmon   Real Eyes....
The Space Spider Rules all Dreams!
Real Eyes
Music & Concepts by Bobby Blackmon
Real Eyes
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First & Foremost,
Real Eyes was conceived & founded out of an inspiration from a number of
relative sources, good & not so good.  This music is created with the
influences of the past, modern times,  and a perspective that includes the
future of life as well.
Most of our music can be classified as : Modern Rock, Progressive Metal,
and Punk with a stubborn ungovernable passion to explore the provocative.  
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Real Eyes was founded in 1992 by Bobby Blackmon of Visalia, CA. We released the first
record in early 1993. "Contagious" was the first Real Eyes Album produced by Scott
Greenall. in 1993 Painted Music Record Company only released 100 copies of the 11
songs, available only on a standard audio cassette tape. A year later joined by (former Kind
band mates) Drummer: Jason Whisman Real Eyes recorded as a 3 Piece Power Trio, "For
What It's Worth", 5 songs again only available on audio cassette. After years of grinding and
growing a little wiser, its time to recognize and archive this awesome music collection from
the past. "Contagious" 1992’ and " For What Its Worth" 1993’ are now available on CD &
Digital Download.

After starting a family and a business, and working on other music projects (Guitar for
Keydragon on 7 Records) a few years later, I began working on a number of songs, and
ideas for tunes to put together for another record.
Finally, a new 11 song CD "Lopsided World" was released in November 2008. It was a great
honor to have Jason Whisman play on this record. Jason Kicked Ass on the Drum Tracks.
Lopsided World is a Collection of music and songs with different styles and unusual sounds
& tones mixed together to formulate what Real Eyes music is.

In 2009 I started to complete the Acoustic Sessions album I had been working on for a few
This Album was recorded for the most part for my close friends & family to enjoy. I wanted to
pick a selection of songs that were special to me & share them with my loved ones. I play
some of these songs when ever I get around friends or family or really other people too. For
some reason, I very rarely will play my original music for them, it just seems more satisfying
to know I am sharing the cool stuff i enjoy too, not just the music I write. I also wanted this
record to have a little more of a raw sound, kind of giddy like, to it. I wanted those listening to
it to feel like they are right there in the room with me while playing. I did all the vocals and
played all the instruments on this record ( Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica,
Mandolin, Tambourine, Drums and Percussion) except for the Keyboards by Ron Langford. I
want to thank my brother Jason Whisman for building my totally Awesome "Unbroken Chain
& Roses" Acoustic Guitar that I used for most of this recording. It is such a wonderful
sounding and beautiful guitar and is used for all the album Artwork as well. This album was
recorded over a period of a few years with major changes in my life happening. I lost my
Grandmother Vivion Blackmon who was dearest to me, my mother battling kidney failure &
heart trouble, while I myself was later to become Ill with an Ulcer, Bacteria Infection and
severe abdominal problems. With months of sleepless nights, hours lying on the floor in
pain, talking endlessly to everyone for some kind of answer to the pain, doctor visits and
days of uncertainty, I did my best to get this record done to share with those I love. I hope all
will enjoy my Acoustic Sessions Vol 1.
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